Build Your Teams' High-Level 

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Professional Learning Experience

The Impact of Connected Conversation 

A conversation is a powerful tool. Leaders who communicate with their team effectively boost productivity, increase staff retention and create a culture of belonging in their teams. 

Frontline workers who support clients, families, students and communities towards positive transformation can use conversations to build rapport, boost self-efficacy and motivate change.

The Conversations for Change Package builds advanced communication skills for your team.

This professional learning program has two parts - skill development and skill integration.

Learn the advanced coaching conversation tools

Each of these tools builds your capacity to have conversations that elicit change. These tools include:

  • NonViolent Communication
  • Strength Acknowledgement 
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Group Facilitation
Developing a individual and team-based Practice

Co-create an integrated strategy to embed these skills and tools into your work, including:

  • Conversation Frameworks
  • Readiness for Change Map
  • Reflective Practice
  • Feedback Approaches
  • Wellbeing check-ins. 

For Leaders and managers

Empower Your Team

More Effective Leaders

Your leaders will learn how to have conversations that upskill, support and encourage their team members. The skills they will develop will build their confidence in leading their team effectively.

Improved Team Engagement

One of the most significant indicators of employee engagement is their ability to communicate and connect with their managers. This program builds managers' capacity to communicate in that way.

Upskilled and Connected

While leaders and managers build their coaching skills, as they have coaching conversations with their team, an environment of upskilling and connection is born.

For Frontline staff

Facilitate Change

Upskill client facing experiences

Powerful conversations can support the people you serve to make authentic choices, create change that they have ownership over and motivate them to live those positive changes.

build a reflective practice

Making sure that your frontline staff stay well in the face of supporting people who are in pain, experiencing hardship, or trauma is imperative. One part of that is to build an in-team reflective practice.

Raise team culture

Improved interpersonal communication in your teams will support collaboration and team flow. It will also give your people more skills to communicate through difficulties, disagreements and conflict.

Why work with us

Trish Everett, our director and principal consultant and trainer, has taught thousands of students to improve their interpersonal communication over the nine years she was a university lecturer at RMIT. She brings that teaching and learning to your team in a way that matches your industry and meets your people at their skill development level.

Evidence-Base And Industry Developed

Through multidisciplinary study and research, this method was developed. It has then been refined in workplaces across the country.  

Tailored to your team

The training will build on your people's current skill level, whether they are beginners or are advanced. It will also be tailored to your team's location, availability and learning styles. 

A supported Solution

This is not a one-day learning workshop. It is an integrated program where the skills developed will be embedded into your daily operations. 

Conversations for Change Package: 

A Professional Learning Experience

how it works

 Communication Skill Development

These training sessions develop a skill set that will build trust and rapport, mediate conflict, promote creativity and problem-solving, and create an active feedback loop throughout your organisation.

Practice & Integration Sessions

Learning new skills is excellent, but real change happens when they are practised and integrated into everyday conversations. These take place with regular online sessions.

  • On-going small group practice sessions
  • Question and discussion time to look at real-life scenarios.

 Ongoing Learning

With access to an online learning library, you will have access to a library of tools, meditations and other resources to help continue to build interpersonal communication skills.

Participants will have lifetime access to a growing library of resources.

About Trish Everett

Conversations that make things happen. Trish Everett is a highly skilled coaching communication specialist. She has taught these skills at RMIT Uni for nine years and has seen thousands of people build more trust and rapport in their conversations.
It is her greatest joy to see people build the skills that allow them to connect more profoundly and meaningfully.

What is included:

The Conversations For Change Package includes:

circle of safety

4 x  Skill Development

Interpersonal communication skill development workshops. 

These 3hr sessions can take place online or in person. 

creative teams

4 x Practice and integration

 Practice brings mastery. Each workshop will be followed by four practice and integration sessions. There will be an opportunity to practice and discuss the skills.

Team Flow

Lifetime access to
resource library

For the lifetime of the library, participants will have access to the tools, meditations and other resources created to continue their skill development.

"Call forth momentum and motivation."

Take your team to a new level of efficacy and engagement today.

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Prices start from




For 4 months

Pricing depends on team size, delivery method, program length.

Prices start from




For 4 months

Pricing depends on team size, delivery method, program length.

Not sure if this is the right fit for your organisation?

At Weave, we know that your time is already stretched. The thought of doing another thing, another training, another program, can feel like a huge thing to take on. We understand that.

That is why we have designed this program from evidence-based research in coaching psychology, wellness and behaviour change. We make sure that the learning we share has a solid foundation.

It is also why we include the practice sessions. We have all had the experience of receiving fantastic training, but when it is over, and we get back to work again, the learning slips away day by day. We want to support your leaders to ensure that doesn't happen this time.

We make the best use of the time we have together with your team 

While so far on this page, we have discussed the benefits to your team and the people you serve. We also know that your training budget has to go a long way. You don't want to be wasting a cent.

This work also offers a financial solution. It reduces absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover in organisations. These issues are costing Australian businesses $87 billion a year. This program offers a real solution to reducing these costs in your organisation.
Still not sure - book a chat, and let's see if it is a fit for your team