Lead Well

Productivity Practice – Mind and Movement

Part 5


This week we dove into your producitvity and how it interacts with your mind and your body.

You can instantly download the accompanying workbook to go with this workbook here

The full replay 

The Slides



Want to create a productivity vision? This 10 minute meditation will guide you through the process. 

Feel free to download to use as much as you like. 


Want to create a vision board? Or a vision statement?

This 4 minute video talks you through that process. 

Action Steps

What is your action step?

Explore the Shae app:
  • Mind

  • Movement 

Express your vision
  • Vision Statement
  • Vision Board

Bonus Productivity Timer

Movement overview by healthtype

This short video gives you an overview of the type, duration and frequency of movement by type - coming soon. 

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