Lead Well

Your Leadership Style, Epigenetics and Health

Part 2

In this session, we kicked off the 6 week Lead Well prorgam.

Here is the recording of the session.

Homework this week

Activate your ph360 account on Shae 

After entering your contact details you will be asked to enter your token number. You will have received this via email.


Do the assessment  

You will need:

  • A soft tape
  • Accurate height
  • Current weight
  • 30 minutes to complete the assessment

You can use the Measurement Buddy to help you along the way.


Tell us in the LinkedIn Group

Once you have completed the registration and the assessment you will receive your personalised health profile.  To find out what health type you are click on the blue icon on the top right hand side of the dashboard.  Now tell us in the LinkedIn group what you are! 


Pre-program survey

Don’t forget to do the pre-program survey.  Not only will your answers help us to tailor this program to you, it will also put you in the draw to win a 2 session coaching package with ML and Trish.

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