Boost Your Well-Being

And create new healthy habits

You know what you need to do to be healthier, happier and on top of your game. Maybe you know your health type, maybe not. You do know that now you want to build new habits to live in alignment with your biology. 

Do you want to take your  health to the next level?

Let's take it up a notch!


Boost Health

 and Well-being

Make doing the right thing easy. Form new habits that make being healthy a piece of cake.


Energised and Confident

No more playing small. 

Build your energy, increase your confidence.


Strategies for a


Make change in the way that works for you. 

natasha berta

"Really loved it."

"I just attended Weave's workshop today and really loved it. Trish’s storytelling and gentle, connected guidance was so beautiful."

- Natasha Berta (Marketing Consultant)


Join me to connect with your power and

build the healthy lifestyle you want.

What The emPOWERme Plus Package
 Does for You:


Experience Your Power

Become fully immersed in the feeling of energised life.

Discover a deeper understanding of your biology and what you need to live an energised life. 

Wellness Plan

Live with a personalised Wellness Approach

Everyone is different. Using your unique epigenetic makeup, you will design your life for optimum health and performance.

  • Each month you will focus on an area of your wellness included food, movement, chronobiology, as well as other lifestyle factors.  
  • Be supported to build the habits that help you to live this way with ease.

Fully supported for maximum success

You are not in this alone. I am dedicated to supporting you to live fully in your wellness.

You will be supported with calls, resources and support every step of the way.

wellness support
Great teams

"My key takeaways from the Weave workshop were understanding my motivations for doing my job, looking at how I schedule my work and how I could do my job better while reducing the stress"

- Christina Hardie (Executive Support Officer)


What is included:

The emPOWERme PLUS Package includes:

circle of safety

12 Months Of Coaching

Each month in a 60-minute  coaching session, you will set up your intention for the month and design the steps to bring more success into your life. 

creative teams

access to the emPOWERme platform

For one year, you will have access to the emPOWERme plus platform that includes courses, meditations and other resources to support your journey.

powerful leadership

Weekly Accountability check-ins

Set your weekly goals and get the level of accountability you need to make sure they come to life

"High-performance will become the new norm."

Live well in every part of your life.


emPOWERme Plus Package Overview



$3360 paid upfront

 or $280/month

This is the price if you already have a shae profile. If you don't, you can get one at 50% off for just $150 a year.

  • 12 - Months Of Coaching
  • One year access to your Personalised Health profile and app
    Weekly Accountability Check-ins
  • One Year emPOWERme Plus Access

Let's make it happen

Not sure, book a chat and we can see if it is a fit for you.