Lead Well


Discover the Biology of Healthy Leadership

Being a people leader, business owner, or an organisational influencer brings with it many rewards. It also brings a significant responsibility that goes beyond compliance, fiscal outcomes, productivity, and morale. 

It is a tough gig.

The expectation on you as a leader is increasing to include building a better culture, nurturing employee wellbeing and ensuring psychological safety ("the shared belief among team members that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking"1). 

As a leader, you have to navigate through uncharted waters.

You're being asked to deliver more with less; less money, less time, less people and less resources. 

To deliver on the cultural, wellbeing and safety expectations of your organisation, you need new tools, insights and support to set you up for success.

The key is to first understand and lead yourself.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your biology and psychology, you can "hack" your epigenetics, how your genes and DNA interact with your environment, to build capability, leverage strengths, tap into your natural genius, and build greater personal and professional resilience. 


Powerful leadership starts From within

What if you could use a combination of biology, epigenetics, personalisation and AI driven technology to develop a leadership approach that can improve the mental health and employee experience of your whole team?


Join mindset, wellbeing and organisational transformation specialists Trish Everett and Mary-Leigh Scheerhoorn as they weave their collective genius to engage, educate, empower and encourage you to be a better leader.


Benefits for you:


Learn Your Leadership Style

Develop a deeper understanding of your biological leadership style so you can lead with ease and authenticity.


Unleash Your Strengths

Identify and unleash your innate strengths and talents, so you can gain more efficiency and maximise your efforts.


Release Your Stress

Discover what triggers stress from a biological perspective. Then make adjustments to minimise the impacts on your health and well-being.

Build your Resilience

Reinvigorate your vitality and establish sustainable well-being habits that will build personal resilience.


Now, more than ever, you are called to lead well

 and grow strong and resilient teams.


Benefits for your Team:

While developing your strengths in self-leadership, we will also explore how to support your team. We will discuss


Improving Psychological Safety

Creating a psychologically safe space in the workplace is not only key for the well-being of your team; it is a key ingredient to creativity and innovation.


Reducing Compassion Fatigue & Chronic stress

Turning up each day with an emotional half-full tank not only reduces performance, it can lead to burnout.


 Boosting Team Resilience

Finding key ways to lead your team to build their levels of resilience is an art.

You will discover a personalised and dynamic way to support everyone in your workplace.


How the Lead Well
 program works:


Uplift your Leadership Capability

Becoming an influential leader starts with you.

Discover a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique leadership biology.

You will learn how to hack your epigenetics to build your ability to bring the best out in your team.

Leadership cabability
Wellness Plan

a personalised Wellness Plan for performance

Everyone is different. Using your unique epigenetic makeup, we will create a personalised plan to build your health and your performance.

  • Create a 30-day plan for your wellness included food, movement, chronobiology, as well as other lifestyle factors. 
  • Have two months access to the Shae Wellness platform.

Build team safety, resilience and performance

You will apply all these learnings to your unique workplace environment.


Each week you will build a leadership plan for your team that works towards a psychologically safer workplace. A workplace where each member of your team can be supported to thrive. 


This is not a "One-Size-Fits-All" Program

By combining your unique biological and physiological data with leading edge, AI-powered technology you will receive a tailored leadership program.

You will learn precisely what you need to thrive mentally and physically, and the steps to get there.


What is included:

The Lead Well Package includes:

Personal Biology & Epigenetic Assessment

You will get an in-depth assessment that will create a personalised profile of your biological makeup with Shae Wellness.

This will give you a unique insight into your leadership style.

6 One-Hour Virtual Workshops

You will dive deeply into your epigenetic profile to understand how to thrive as a leader and improve your workplace experience.

We will also explore how you can best support your team to thrive.

 A virtual health assistant

For two months, you will have access to an AI-Driven online wellness coaching platform.

A virtual health assistant will help you to harness the power of your epigenetics, providing real-time precision nutrition and lifestyle advice specifically for you.

Weekly Accountability check-ins

The power of the program is in the doing.  

Each week you will set your goals and get the level of accountability you need to achieve and grow.

You will not only learn, you will also do.

"High-performance will become the new norm."

Live your genius in every part of your life.


Lead Well

Package Overview

  • Personal Biology and Epigenetic Assessment
  • 6 Virtual Workshops
    Two Months Shae Wellness Access
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins

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Who are we?

Trish Everett

Trish Everett is a highly qualified* communications consultant and mindset coach. She specialises in helping organisations build connected, innovative and success-orientated cultures in order to reduce costs and improve workforce productivity and effectiveness.

Trish has been helping people and organisations build healthy and productive connections for 17 years – both in the workplace and through her academic research. She is passionate about connected communication and how it contributes to creating thriving workplace cultures – both at an organisational and at an individual level.

Apart from her consultancy work, Trish is also a highly regarded lecturer in the School of Health Science at RMIT University, where she is a specialist in the field of wellness and lifestyle and wellness coaching.

Trish offers her clients profound insights, delivered in simple and easy to digest approaches that have helped hundreds of people connect more powerfully and bravely create positive change. She is a quirky, systems-thinking, connection geek who would love to share her insights and experience with you and your organisation.

Trish holds a Masters of Wellness, Masters of Communication, GradDip in Education, as well as a GradCert in IT and a Bachelor of Business. She is also a PH360 endorsed health coach and ShaeWellness endorsed provider

Shae wellness provider

Here are the Finer Details

Are you as excited about this program as we are? 

And are you ready to think logistics?

Here are all the details:


The workshops

Workshops will take place online over Zoom.. 

All the workshops will be recorded and you will have access to them for one year. 


Workshop One

Your Leadership Style, Epigenetics and Health


Workshop Two

Fuelling your day - Chronobiology and Food


Workshop Three

Productivity Practice - Movement and Connection


Workshop Four

Living your Genius - Building Resilience and Releasing Stress


Workshop Five

Supporting Flow - Creative, Innovative and Well Spaces


Workshop Six

Celebration and further implementation

You will receive reminders before the calls via email as well as in a dedicated Linkedin Group.


Personal Biology & Epigenetic Assessment

To find out what your personal biology and epigenetics type is, you will be guided through a health type assessment. This is done through a questionnaire and body measurements. You will have your choice of time timeslot in the first week to attend an online small group session to do the assessment.


Not sure, book a chat and we can see if it is a fit for you.