From Conflict To Growth

Conflict is a powerful and inevitable force.

 It can be destructive, or it can be a catalyst for connection. What do you choose to weave?

What Is Conflict Costing You?

Conflict is hard.

Hard to understand the real issues behind it, hard to work through it and hard to heal from it. 

As such, conflict is often avoided and left to simmer away. Slowly eroding all parts of your team.

Stress increases, work satisfaction drops, and so does the wish to bring your best game. Everything slips. And the elephant in the room grows.

And elephants can be destructive.

There is another way. Conflict (and elephants) can be a force for change, for positivity, everything gets better for everyone change. 

It doesn't have to be win-lose. 

From Conflict to Growth

Choosing Connection Instead of  Conflict

Working through conflict not only makes your workplace happier, It sets your team up for greater success.

This includes:


the Present

Build a deep understanding of what is happening for your team. 

Healing the past

To truly move forward, the past needs to be healed, so history doesn't repeat itself.

creating the future

Through working through the conflict, you will design a plan to move forward that is win-win.

Introducing the Team Harmony Package

Don't live with conflict and all it's fall outs any more.

This package will take your team though the Resolution Wheel so you can move through conflict and access the elusive team flow. 

Frrom conflict to connection

Process Overview 


  • An in-depth analysis of what is underlying the current conflict 
  • A conflict map is created to outline all the factors involve and outline a resolution process.
  • Done in collaboration with all people involved


  • Learn the communication skills to work through conflict
  • Conflict coaching for those who need it
  • Build clarity of the needs and values of each person


  • Mediated sessions to work through conflict and build connection
  • Supported way to hear and be heard
  • A win-win based approach to looking at the conflict.


  • Each conflict can cause harm. This process heals the hurt.
  • Through deep listening, honouring and supporting, each person is held through this process.


  • A forward-focused, win-win plan to move forward together.
  • A step by step approach with build in accountability
  • An agreement is created.

Don't let conflict eroding your team any longer.

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