Time to Plan

Set up the next 3 months for success

Time can get away!

The busy tasks can take up your whole day and those big important things, things you really want to get your teeth stuck into, can keep returning to the to-do list.

What if you could make a plan that not only worked with the way your think but also make sure that you had everything set up to make your 2023 autumn a success?

Join me to make that plan happen. 

Your Host:

Trish Everett

Director, Weave

Workshop Date:

Fri 3

Feb 2023




What you’ll create in this workshop:

    A personalised plan - a plan that works for you.  Using an understanding of epigenetic profiles, you will create a plan that works the way you think.  
    A holistic plan - you won't forget yourself in this plan. Your plan will reflect the pressures and priorities that you have for your time and your plan will reflect them.
    A smart plan - you will be guided to plan from the big picture to the details. This will help you to create a plan that is realistic and doesn't leave anything out.  

Join me for this three-hour workshop to get organised about making the next 3 months a success.

By the end of this session, you will be thinking:

 'I can create an outstanding quarter for myself, for my team and for the people I serve.'

This three-hour workshop will be a hands-on, make it happen, planning session. By the end of the workshop, you will have a comprehensive 13-week plan.

Get clarity on where you are going

Here are all the juicy things that you will get

In the  planning workshop

3hr Live Online

Get organised, and make a plan. This highly practical workshop will get you organised for the next 13 weeks. 

& Audios

This workshop will be recorded and will have lifetime access to the recordings. 

Downloadable planner

You will receive a downloadable planner. You can print and use the parts of it that work best with how you think. 

Time left until registration closes:


Your investment for this session is just $36

The Session Includes:

  • Setting up your plan in a way that works with how you think
  • Creating a vision and goals for the 13 weeks
  • Making a strategic map for what you want to happen
  • Plan out high priority tasks
  • Set up the habits and practices that support your well-being and your productivity

There will be a focus not only on what you need to get done for your job but also on what you need to plan to support your team. We will look at the strategic layers of team building and development, policy and systems and conflict prevention.

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