High-Performance doesn't mean Busy

Busy is often the enemy of high-performance. On the other hand, busyness is usually friends with stress, overwhelm and loss of focus

Many dedicated teams, who work hard and want to see their organisations succeed, will often do so at the expense of their well-being.

Is the busyness of your workplace leading to lower performance, engagement and success in your team?

“I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn't find the time to do it.”      - Todd Stocker

Take the first step today to move out of a culture of busyness and into one of high-performance. This Productivity Prowess Package is designed to help your workplace shift everyone into a state of focus and flow.

With the Productivity Prowess Package,  you'll get the following benefits:

Do More in Less Time

Your team will learn how to maximise their time, so the big things happen faster

Improved Engagement

Your team will be more invested in making your organisation a success.

Increased Collaboration

When busyness rules, there isn't time to collaborate. Without this, you lose the power of your collective team

natasha berta

"Really loved it."

"I just attended Weave's workshop today and really loved it. Trish’s storytelling and gentle, connected guidance was so beautiful."

- Natasha Berta (Marketing Consultant)

Ready To boost your team's productivity?

"Your team holds endless potential."

Let's work together to get your organisation moving forward in a state of flow rather than a state of stress. Where tasks are done with ease and mountains of work are ploughed through with collective satisfaction.

What The Productivity Prowess Package
Does for Your Team:

Experience Flow States

"Become fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus."

Through a series of exercises, each team member will learn their own gateway into a state of flow. This is a state that gives them access to higher productivity, creativity and problem-solving.

Workshop with Trish Everett
Productivity Map

Set out a personalised productivity map

Everyone is different. We will explore the best structures and practices for each person to adopt for maximum productivity.

  • Each person will receive a planner that they can use to structure their time.
  • Leaders will gain insight into how to best support the team's productivity.

Build focus today and every day moving forward

With a month of online learning integration, your team will have access to a library of tools, meditations and other resources to help them strengthen their focus. They will receive weekly emails to keep them on track.

Your team will be supported to keep developing their ease in entering into focused flow states.

Productivity timer
Great teams

"My key takeaways from the Weave workshop were understanding my motivations for doing my job, looking at how I schedule my work and how I could do my job better while reducing the stress"

- Christina Hardie (Executive Support Officer)

What is included:

The Productivity Prowess Package includes:

circle of safety

4 -hr Workshop 

In this in-person or online workshop, your team will find ways to access a flow state that works for them, and they will create a personalised productivity map.

creative teams

One Month Flow Integration 

For one month, each team member will get weekly emails and access to an online integration course so they can embed new high-performance practices. 

creative teams

Lifetime access to resource library

For the lifetime of the library, your whole team will have access to the tools, meditations and other resources created to support productivity.

creative teams

Weekly 60 min co-working sessions

Your whole team will have access to weekly live group co-working sessions to help keep everyone on track. These take place online, for the month following the workshop

"High-performance will become the new culture."

Take your team to a new level of efficacy and engagement today.

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Not sure if this is the right fit for your organisation?

At Weave, we know that your time is already stretched. The thought of doing another thing, another training, another program, can feel like a really big thing to take on. We understand that. 

That is why we have designed this program from evidence-based research in productivity, wellness and behaviour change. We make sure that the learning we share has a solid foundation.

It is also why we include a month of integration support. We have all had the experience of receiving fantastic training, but when it is over, and we get back to work again, the learning slips away day by day. We want to support your team to make sure that doesn't happen this time.

We make the best use of the time we have together with your team 

We also know that your training budget has to go a long way. You don't want to be wasting a cent. While so far on this page, we have talked about the benefits to your team and the people you serve. There is also a financial solution offered by this work. 

This work reduces absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover in organisations. These issues are costing Australian businesses $87 billion a year. This program offers a real solution to reducing these costs in your organisation. 

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Productivity Prowess Package Overview

  • 4 Hour Workshop 
  • One Month Integration Learning
  • Lifetime Resources Access
  • 4  x Weekly  Co-working Sessions

Price starting from


Price dependant on the location and size of your team.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can the whole team attend?

What are the Group Coaching Calls?

Where are the workshops held?

How do we access the Online Integration Learning?