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Resilience Toolbox

Mini Program

Working in remote places is unlike any other experience. The rewards are unforgettable and life-shaping.

The challenges have a unique flavour. They have the power to rattle a person deeply.
 The old saying 'make or break' can ring true.
Are you looking for ways to help your team reduce stress and build resilience?
Seeking ways to build and strengthen your team so they can handle anything that comes their way?
And are you also aiming to reduce staff turnover and burnout?

Join us for the Resilience Toolbox Mini Program

Set your team up to thrive.

In this mini program you will develop a personalised resilience toolbox that will:

  • Ensure that your emotional, psychological and cultural needs are built into your toolbox.
  • Embed the three skillsets for building resilience into your toolbox.
  • Design a simple action plan to minimise stress and feel happier and stronger

Who is this training for?

  • You are a team in a remote place in Australia.
  • You want to create a work environment where the whole team and the community flourish.
  • You are open to new ideas.

The Resilience Toolbox Mini Program Includes:

A stress-style assessment

This created a personalised stress map that allows you to see what are the current stressor, your neurobiological needs and your resilience style.

A three-hour workshop 

You will be developing your own personalised resilience toolkit and building an action plan to put it in place. 

Group Coaching Implementation

A one-hour small group coaching call supports you in implementing your action plan. You will discover creative ways to embed your toolbox into your daily work.

Lifetime access to Resilience Library

You will have access to a library of resilience resources. This contains lots of resources that will support your journey.

Teacher Resilience Toolbox Mini Program

  • 3 Hour Workshop 
  • 1 Hour Small Group Coaching Integration Session
  • Lifetime Resources Access
  • Stress-Style Assessment

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When and where is it happening?

This program is run entirely online. All you need to access the program is internet access. As it is designed for remote teams, we will ensure you have an engaging online experience. 

When your workplace books, you will book in a:

Three hour, whole team, live online workshop

As many small group coaching sessions as your school needs


Trish Everett

Mindset cajoler, Communication Ninja and Leadership coach, Trish Everett is on a mission to help 5000 people fall more in love with their jobs by the end of 2022.

She brings to this training 20 years of experience. Her work as a Principal of a remote aboriginal school, as a University lecturer in the school of Behavioural Science and as a coach and trainer has seen hundreds of people create positive lasting change.

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