Build a Strong, High-Performing Team 

Stop letting conflict and burnout erode your team's performance. 

Increase Resilience

Improve Communication

transform Conflict

Access Team Flow

Why You Need To Address Conflict

A strong team is the foundation of your organisation's success.

Over the last ten years, Trish Everett has been helping organisations build healthy and productive teams. Whether we are building team resilience, working on communication, or running team planning, the biggest impediment to high performance is burnout and the conflict cycle. This is what we have seen.

  • Stress and overwhelm can erode your team
  • Communication channels can fill up with noise and lose their impact and clarity
  • Conflict can breed like mould, making parts of the organisation feel toxic
  • And the productivity and efficacy of your team can get lost in the busyness of the urgent

Building a strong team can be hard. 

The Strong Team Ingredients 

Through academic research and industry experience, at Weave we have developed a solution that has these aspects:

Resilient and well

Every member of your team was building greater well-being into their days.

Clear Communication

The channels of communication were effective, clear and inclusive

connected leadership

Leaders could have difficult conversations that improve the teams' efficacy.



When disputes arise, transform them into innovation and growth.

Self efficacy

Every team member builds self-efficacy every day.

team flow

Teams worked towards entering an individual and collective state of flow. 

The Strong Team Program

Over the next twelve months, commit to strengthening your team. This program enhances the underlying team structures.


As a tailored program, it works with all the tiers of your organisation to build capacity, engagement and performance.

Trish Everett

Trish is a communications systems expert who specialises in conflict resolution, resilience and wellness. She is passionate about helping teams work cohesively, collaboratively, productively to deliver results which exceed business expectations.

WEAVE (Director)

Our Clients

Incredibly insightful 

This series has been amazing. It has been incredibly insightful and very beneficial to me, both personally and professionally. 

Gemimia Weiler - Managing Director

Inspiring and useful to gain insight into the team

I enjoyed learning new ways to work within the team, finding out the needs of others and naming my own needs. My biggest insight was gaining tools that are practical to implement in the team.

Anna- Field Co-ordinator

Effective communication and team building

Loved learning more about effective communication and team building.  My biggest insight was how to understand my experience so I can grow and effectively regulate my emotions. 

Adelane hawkins -
Youth Engagement Officer

Strong Team Program Overview 

These six elements are included in this twelve-month program. Each program is tailored to your organisation, so the solution matches the needs of your teams.


Team Check-in
  • A tailored survey to extract key insights into the engagement and health of your team
  • Highlight the gaps between where you are now and creating a highly functioning team 
  • Get an insightful report and an action plan to create a fully functioning feedback loop.


Resilience Growth
  • A strong circle of safety builds a workplace environment where everyone feels emotionally safe and supported. It is the foundation of strong teams.
  • Resilience Skills build your team's efficacy, focus, strength, and self-care.
  • Strong support structures ensure that your team can sustainability support each other moving forward. 


Communication Enhancement
  • Build from basic to more complex interpersonal communication skills
  • Evaluate and improve communication systems and channels in the organisation
  • Find the communication gaps and set up systems to fill the silent spots


Conflict Transformation
  • Build skills in conflict resolution
  • Evaluate current dispute resolution systems
  • Run interventions where needed, including facilitated discussions, mediations, conferencing and conflict coaching.


Creation Process Efficacy
  • Experience a strength-based approach to your teams' task assignments
  • Enhance team decision-making processes.
  • Develop an approach to  meetings and discussions that match your team's strengths. 


High-Performance Access
  • Develop a personalised productivity approach for everyone
  • Explore the team's individual and collective access to flow states
  • Build productivity and efficacy skills

What Makes Us Different

We look at team building and conflict resolution from a systems thinking perspective. Using conflict and burnout indicators as a catalyst for change, we explore the relational, interpersonal, and systemic issues. From there, we will work with you to co-create multi-level change that not only creates stronger and more collaborative teams but also strengthens your organisation's core.

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How it works


Every organisation is different. We create a tailored solution that is a lot of what you need and none of what you don't.

Team Access

You choose who in your organisation needs what. You can select different layers of support for the various leadership tiers of your workplace.

mixed Delivery

We will match the program with your unique situation. We can offer this program any mix of in-person and online delivery and real-time and recorded professional learning experiences.

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