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Are you ready to soar higher than ever before?

You are a leader. Whether you are leading change for your own life, change for your team and organisation or bigger change, accessing your strengths, focus and inner leader is key. At Weave we can support your change making journey through the following programs. 

Our  Packages

Live Your Genius

Leadership Package

Do you want to take your genius, leadership and your health to the next level?

This package is about supporting you to truely step into your personalised high-performance states. 

Conflict Transformation

Conflict Transformation

Conflict Resolution Package

Work through your conflict with the support that you need. 

Find clarity, access your empowered choices and heal the old hurts.

emPOWERme health program


High Performance & Wellbeing Package

Find out what your biology is telling you. You will learn about how you can optimise your health, happiness and your awesomeness factor.

For Leaders and Manegers

Without leaders who are at the top of their game, your workplace culture will sag, your teams will suffer and your level of success will drop.

And for leaders, without the support, they face higher stress levels and every day adding the fire that will lead to burnout.

Instead, by supporting leaders to develop their inner leadership you will see more access to peak-performance states, a stronger ability to motivate teams and a stronger commitment to excellence.

Coaching Training for Leaders

Give your leaders high-level coaching skills- You leaders will learn the skills to engage and empower their team to make positive change, handle conflict and improve everyones employee experience. 

Leadership Alchemy Package

Through coaching and somatic and therapeutic approaches, you will be connected with your own inner leader, learn your own leadership style and be supported to work from that place in your team.

This package will lead you into your peak-performance zone.


Each package is customised to fit the Individual or Leadership teams. Packages include:

  • One-on-one sessions
    Between session integration tasks and support
  • Before and After Assessments
Leadership alchemy coaching

Inner Leadership unearthing Session

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