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Working with Weave

In Remote Places

We specialise in supporting remote organisations to build strong teams. 

Working in remote places has its own unique challenges. When Weave's Director, Trish Everett, was the principal of a remote  Aboriginal school in the Pilbara, she saw all the challenges that other organisations have compounded with the intensity of being remote. 

Resilience is further tested; conflict burns hotter and there is nowhere to hide from tricky interpersonal dynamics.

This leads to increased stress, burnout and higher staff turnover.

How We Work

Inner Leader Wheel

Strong People Strong Team

Remote Organisation Model

Supporting your team in the far flung communities of Australia is more challenging. As such,  we have developed a tailored approach that is informed by your unique environment. 

Through our two frameworks - The Inner Leader Wheel and the Remote Organisation Model- we support both teams and leaders to develop both the inner and outer skills, mindsets, emotional intelligence, and big picture systems thinking approaches.

This allows teams to have a supported system around them to create high performance working environments.

We only work with organisations and leaders who are committed to the process of building whole team inner leadership.

If this is you, then there are two ways to work with us. With just your leaders, or with your whole team.

We specialise in working with cross-cultural teams in remote communities. Using trauma informed practices, we support your team to move from burnout and conflict and into team flow and high performance.

What we offer

We offer a range of programs to support your team. 

teacher Resilience booklet

Support Teacher Resilience Booklet

This booklet share 21 ways that principals of remote schools can build resilience in their teams. 

Get Your Groove Back

Live Training Session

Each quarter we run a free training session, Check out what is coming up or sign up for recordings of previous sessions

Resilience Tool Box

Team Resilience Toolbox

Workshop for your whole team to build a personalised toolbox to support resilience and self-efficacy.

Strong People, Strong Team -  10 Week Program

Build resilience, improve your efficacy and get the support to really thrive. This Strong People, Strong Team Program is designed to improve your wellness, your communication skills and your coping skills that will improve your experience of working in remote organisations.

Tailor your Survey

Team Check-In

Find out what is really happening for your team. This tailored approach will give you the insights and direction you need to enhance your team's performance.

Strong Team Package

 Transform Conflict to Build a Stronger Team. This 10- 12 month program support you to increase resilience in your team, improve communication, transform conflict and access team flow.

Free tools?