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Unlock the Power of Your Teams: Resolving Conflict, Cultivating Resilience, and Elevating Communication

Our name is about that process.  
Weave strength and connection into your team.

 I’m Trish Everett

Conflict and Burnout Wrangler, at your service

At Weave, our mission is to empower organisations like yours to create teams that are not just productive, but truly impactful. We understand the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and value within your team, ensuring every member feels connected to a greater purpose.

Imagine the Possibilities

When individuals feel valued and know they are an integral part of something meaningful, extraordinary things happen. With our guidance and expertise, your team will unlock its full potential, achieving remarkable results that surpass expectations.

Unleash Our Unique Skill Set

As the director of Weave, I bring you a powerful skill set that sets us apart from the rest. Our proven methodologies and innovative approaches have been carefully crafted to address your organisation’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored strategies that guarantee transformative outcomes unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

I have been helping people and organisations build healthy and productive connections for 18 years, both with individuals and in workplaces, as well as through academic research*. I am passionate about connected communication and how it contributes to creating thriving workplace cultures – both at an organisational and at an individual level.

When working with teams and leaders, I am known for offering profound insights, delivered with a simple, easy-to-digest approach that has helped hundreds of people connect powerfully and bravely to create positive change. 

I focus on building your team's resilience and connected communication skills to transform conflict into collaboration and growth.

* M.Wellness, M.Com, GradCert Conflict Man, GradDip Ed, GradCert IT, B.Bus

Professional Biography

Trish Everett

Trish Everett


Trish Everett is the passionate director behind Weave, dedicated to empowering teams to thrive, transition from conflict to team flow, and develop a deeper love for their work. With an impressive educational background, Trish holds a Degree in Business, a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management, a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Master of Communications, and a Master of Wellness.

Trish is currently focused on supporting teams in building resilience, navigating conflict, and unlocking their full potential. Her experience extends beyond theoretical knowledge as she has served as a School Principal at a remote Aboriginal school in Western Australia. Additionally, Trish has lectured on Coaching and Wellness within the School of Health Sciences at RMIT University and has successfully guided countless individuals towards achieving greater resilience, and productivity.

With Trish’s guidance and expertise, your team can expect to flourish by effectively managing conflicts, fostering resilience, and embracing their true capabilities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with someone who is truly dedicated to igniting positive change within teams.

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