About - Weave

Welcome to Weave

At Weave, we believe that your teams can be stronger and more powerful when they work through conflict, build their resilience and learn the stills of connection.

Our name is about that process.  
To weave strength and connection in to the teams that we work with.

 I’m Trish Everett

Conflict Wrangler, at your service

As the director of Weave, my job is to help organisations like yours build teams where everyone feels they are part of something important.That they are valued, and in turn, value what they do.

Can you imagine what a team like that could accomplish? To pull this off, I bring to you a unique and powerful skill set that can help you and your organisation like no one else can. 

Trish Everett

I have been helping people and organisations build healthy and productive connections for 18 years – both with individuals and in workplaces as well as through academic research*. I am passionate about connected communicationand how it contributes to creating thriving workplace cultures – both at an organisational and an individual level.

When working with teams and leaders, I am known for offering profound insights, delivered in simple and easy to digest approaches that have helped hundreds of people connect more powerfully and bravely to create positive change. 

 My focus is on building your team’s personal resilience and connected communication skills to transform conflict into collaboration and growth.