Move from conflict and Burnout 
to High-performance 

Lead more positive change and create  even more impact whether you are a NFP, a government or private organisation, or a for-profit business.

Introducing your guide

Trish Everett, workplace communication geek, at your service.

So many managers spent their time putting out conflict fires and chasing the broken threads of communication. When leaders tell me of the unhappy hours they spend fixing problems, how they are losing great staff, and the toll it all takes on their mental health, I see the importance of supporting leaders to build their ability to move their team from conflict to team flow.

Why organisations work with us

Team Capacity

We specialise in bespoke  training packages in developing resilience, communication and collaboration that are tailored to the skill gaps in your team.

All our packages ensure that the new skills are embedded into your team's day-to-day.

Improve Organisational Communication

Communication in most organisations is a complex and dynamic force.

We support organisations to enhance communication at all tiers and levels, across all teams and departments.



Does your organisation face conflict right now?

We can support you with a range of conflict resolution services to resolve, manage, and transform conflict.

The Journey To High-Performance With Weave

At Weave, we want our programs to have a lasting impact.

As such, working with us is a four-step journey. 


Leadership team Session

90-Minute Workshop on Building Resilient and Cohesive Teams


strong team  assessment

Team diagnostic assessment to discover the blocks to high-performance




Co-create a Strategy to address your team engagement needs


Program delivery

Delivery of a bespoke program that may include Training, consulting and/or coaching.

What Our Clients Say

Incredibly insightful 

Weave's program has been amazing. It has been incredibly insightful and very beneficial to me, both personally and professionally. 

Gemimia Weiler - Managing Director

Inspiring and useful to gain insight into the team

I enjoyed learning new ways to work within the team, finding out the needs of others and naming my own needs. My biggest insight was gaining tools that are practical to implement in the team.

Anna- Field Co-ordinator

Effective communication and team building

Loved learning more about effective communication and team building.  My biggest insight was how to understand my experience so I can grow and effectively regulate my emotions. 

Adelane hawkins -
Youth Engagement Officer


Shall we start with lunch?

Prevent Team Burnout and Conflict

A Lunch and Learn Session for Leaders to Build Resilient and Cohesive Teams

In this 90-min session for your leadership team, your people will walk away with a roadmap to build effective communication and resilience skills within their teams.


Your leadership team will learn

  • how to avoid burnout 
  • what you can do to build collaboration and high-performance
  • how you can be prepared for conflict in your team

Lunch is the perfect first step to working with Weave and starting to create higher-performing team cultures.

Lunch is a great way to workshop game-changing insights for your leadership team while seeing if Weave is a fit for your team development needs. 


Get game-changing team insights

Team High-performance assessment

Get insights into your team's needs so that you can build a high-performance team culture that can make even more of an impact.


Build a tailored and powerful Strategy

Using the insights from the high-performance assessment, Weave will work with your organisation to co-create a strategy that will best support your team to move from burnout and conflict into collaboration and team flow. 


a Bespoke Program 

This is the nuts and bolts of our work with your team. Based on your organisational and team needs, time availability and location, we deliver a highly supportive program that may include the flowing aspects.


Create a training plan

We have a range of training options that can be tailored to your team's needs, schedule and locations. 



Support change with systems

One of the biggest needs we find is improving organisational communication. Our whole system approach can support your team.


Reduce tension and conflict in teams

Are you facing conflict? We can help. We will support your team to work through it from analysis to interventions, policy to training.


We began working with Trish during a period of staff transition, immediately prior to the pandemic. We found that the workshops really set the team up for a close-knit and supportive approach to the many changes that occurred. This helped us to better communicate and understand each other in very stressful and unusual work situations.

Trish has continued to work with our team and develop our techniques in teamwork, communication and resilience, and we credit her support for the amazing and ambitious team we have created!


Trish is attentive, present and proactive in providing long-term personal and professional support. Over the last few years, I have found her presence to be a comfort in tumultuous times, and I deeply trust her input into problem-solving and creating a nurturing, welcoming and creative environment for me and my team.

Amy Mukherjee Martumilli Manager

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