Weave – Weave a workplace culture of peak-performance

Weave a Workplace Culture Of Peak-Performance

You want your team brimming with motivation and productivity.
Leaders that are strong and performing at their peak.
Yet most workplaces cultures don't support that level of performance.  
Signs of this include:

  • Work environments stifled with blame and low-level conflict that eats away at team motivation
  • Communication mishaps and break-downs leading to costly mistakes and reduced productivity
  • Build up of stress that drops performance and leads to losing your best people

And all this adds up.

Presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover cost Australian Businesses $87 billion a year.

At Weave, we create the alchemy of peak-performance
by building the inner leadership of your leaders and of your team. 

We love working with organsations to develop the following key ingredients to peak-performance

Powerful Leadership

Leaders and managers are pivotal in creating a culture of excellence. Developing your leaders self-mastery, communication and ability to connect their team passionately to a vision are key to creating a peak-performace workplace

Circle of

Building a safe workplace on all levels is pivotal to peak-performance. Growing mental, emotional and physical safety, while healing the past hurts and grievance of a team, sets the foundations for success orientated cultures.


Creating space for higher-level thinking, creativity and innovation helps your organisation to stay ahead of the game. We creating this by building everyone access and relationship with their inner leader as well at evidence-based productivity hacks


This is the peak-performance apex. Where your whole team is working in a flow state in their own work and as a team. This is reached through developing the key inner leadership practices consistently over time

What Sets Us Apart

Many leadership development and team building aproaches tend to deal primaraly with visioning, mindset, time managament and communication techniques. While we love these and incorporate them too, and we go deeper into both the underbelly of your organisation and into gritty side of self-mastery

  • We build your ability to access states of ecstacy to enter into highly producitve flow states
  • We can help both your leaders and your team unravel and heal the old inner strories and hurts that hold them back
  • And we support you to create a deep level of belonging and team flow with out of the box methods

 Ready to weave a culture for growth?

A complementry Peak-Performance Audit Session
is the powerful step to getting clarity on where you are loosing opportunities

Book in for a complementry one-on-one session.

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Kind Words

Working with Trish Everett literally blew my mind. She unhooked a BIG mindset, self talk issue that has been really dragging me down and reframed in a totally different way. Also she was so caring and supportive throughout. I was actually speakless at the end of our session.

Lorraine Hamilton


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