Build Resilient & Passionate Teams that have the Strength to Make a Big Difference

“Strong like stone - fly high like feather”


Your team works hard to make a difference & it can wear them down

Your organisation has a vision of a better future and you have a team that beliefs in that. They work hard to create the change that you want to see.

Imagine that everyone on your team has two hearts. A heart of feather and a heart of stone.

The heart of feather gives them that endless passion to make change, to care about the people you serve, to go above and beyond delivering the services that will change lives. 

The heart of stone gives your team the strength and courage to stand up for what they believe in, to have resilience and have boundaries that keep them and everyone around them safe. That have the endurance to make an impact.

Now imagine everyone in your team could have access to both their hearts, all these skills, all the time?

Supporting your team to care deeply without burnout it key

The work that your organisation does is so important. We need you and your team to keep doing what you do. The change you are creating is chipping away at a better future.

And let's face it. It is a tough gig. The emotional labour requirements of your team are big. And when I say emotional labour, I am talking about ongoing need of your team to regulate their emotions so they can continue to deliver. 

Your team being emotionally involved is what makes that so good at what they do. It is also what leads to burnout. 

How can you help your team to have both their heart of feather and their heart of stone?

Does your team need to build their resilience?

  • Are you in the service of others?
  • Does your team work with people who have high needs?
  • Do the people you serve need your team to support them emotionally?
  • Are you working with people who have a history of trauma?
  • Does your team work late to make sure that they meet the needs of your clients, customers, students or stakeholders?
  • Is there are energy of busyness and overwhelm in your workplace?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions then you need to support your team to stay afloat and keep on swimming.

What does it take to have a team that is strong enough to keep on making an impact?

There are 3 aspects to supporting your team to have that sustainable strength that has them showing up day after day and bringing their best. 

Firstly it is feeling safe in their workplace. They need to know that you have their back.

Next, each person needs the training and the opportunity to develop the skills of resilience.

And finally, creating the support structures within your team to make sure everyone is doing ok.

circle of safety

Create a 

Strong Circle of Safety

creative teams

Enhance Team's Resilience Skillset

Team Flow

Build Strong Support Structures

Are you ready to give your team this level of support?

  • A strong circle of safety builds a workplace environment where everyone feels emotionally safe and supported. It is the foundation of strong teams. 
  • Resilience Skills build your team's efficacy, focus, strength, emotional resilience and self-care. 
  • Strong support structures ensure that your team can sustainability support each other moving forward. 
Stone and Feather Program

Introducing the  
“Stone & Feather Program”

A program that will help your team to embrace both their
 heart of feather and their heart of stone. 

This program is designed to create a tailored learning experience  that creates the environment and builds the skills that will strengthen every team member. It is also created in a way that embeds these learning and practices into your workplace culture. 

Workshop with Trish Everett

The program includes the following:

  • 1
    2x 2h workshops This is where we all get together for two powerful workshops. First we lay down a strong foundation and start to create a circle of safety. We then build skills, work though and heal issues and create a supportive path forward. Each person leaves with a personalised resilience tool kit. Now online.
  • 2
    Skill intergration support Learning is just ideas until it is put into practice. The workshop is followed up with a month of online learning. Each week your team will get an integration exercise to put into practice. This supports the skills to become new healthy habits.
  • 3
    Pre and post workshop one-on-one sessions for your leader Before the workshop, we get together and talk through your teams strengths and challenges. This allows the workshop to be tailored to your needs. After the workshop, we will get together for a coaching session to create an action plan to further support your team.

Prices start from 


$790 - Covid support online special 

See what our clients have to say:


"Reducing the stress"

"My key takeaways from the Weave workshop were; understanding my motivations for doing my job, looking at how I schedule my work and how I could do my job better while reducing the stress"


Christina Hardie

Executive Support Officer


"Really loved it"

"I just attended Weave's workshop today and really loved it. Trish’s story telling and gentle, connected guidance was so beautiful"

natasha berta

Natasha Berta

Marketing Consultant

Book in to see if this is a fit for your team

Let's talk and discuss the best way for your team to move forward

"Helped me so much"

"I think the work Trish does is amazing, she has helped me so much. She holds space so empathetically and with so much kindness, vision and intelligence."

Rachel Marsden

Photographer and Lens-based Artist

Not sure if this is the right fit for your team?

At Weave, we know that your time is already stretched. The thought of doing another thing, another training, another program, can feel like a really big thing to take on. We understand that. 

That is why we have designed this program from evidence-based research in the resilience, wellness and behaviour change. We want to make sure that learning that we share has a solid foundation.

It is also why we include a month of integration support. We have all had the experience of receiving fantastic training but when it is over and we get back into work again, the learning slips away day by day. We want to support your to make sure that doesn't happen this time. 

We make the best use of the time we have together with your team 

We also know that your training budget has to go a long way. You don't want to be wasting a cent. While so far on this page we have talked about the benefits to your team and the people you serve. There is also a financial solution offered by this work. 

This work reduces absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover in organisations. These issues are costing Australian businesses $87 billion a year. This program offers a real solution in reducing this costs in your organisation.

Book in to see if this is a fit for your team

Let's talk and discuss the best way for your team to move forward

"Your team holds endless potential for your organisation. Do you choose to create a workplace that can harness that?”

Trish Everett

Want to know about the concept of the feather and the stone? This symbology comes from the book THE TWO-HEARTED NUMBAT by Ambelin & Ezekiel Kwaymullina. We highly recommend picking up a copy of this wonderful picture book. 

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