The Secret of Transforming Conflict

When you are in conflict, it can be so hard and heavy. Healing the hurt and finding a way through can transform your life.

conflict transformation

Conflict Can Be Draining

Not only does being in conflict stop you from moving forward, blocking you from making your own decisions, it can also impact your whole life. It can drain your energy from the important and nourishing things to you.

There is a way through

It can be hard to see how things can change when you are in it, but there is a way through. By gaining clarity on what you want and need and by building your capacity to face the disharmony and emotional storm that are part of it, you can find a path through, one that is honouring yourself.

You can face it with grace

Sometimes conflict can stir reactions within you that you are not proud of. The deep hurt that is being triggered can have words flying from your mouth that you don't truly mean. By acknowledging the hurt and stories that are part of the conflict, you can walk through the conflict with grace.

The Process


Get clear on what is happening and what you want.


Find the deeper insights that are lying below the surface.


Heal some of the hurt and pain that the conflict has triggered.


Transform your empowered action to co-create positive change.

Bring forth empowered action with this

Conflict Transformation Package 

Work through your conflict with the support that you need. 

Conflict Analysis

A one-on-one conflict analysis session gives your clarity on what is happening.

Coached Insight

Find the insights into where your power to change is and the steps you want to take over 2 one-on-one sessions.

Heal the Hurt

A guided process to unravel and heal the hurt that is caught up in the conflict.

Plan for Transformation

A supportive workbook to create an action plan to move forward. 

Conflict Transformation

Trish Everett

About Trish

Trish combines her love of coaching and her deep understanding of conflict to create a safe and nurturing environment to explore the conflict you are facing. She has been supporting individuals and teams to work through the conflict that was bogging them down and help them create solutions to move through it. She is passionate about finding a way to transform conflict into life-changing empowerment shifts.

Trish has a bunch of qualifications, including M.Wellness, M.Com, GradCert Conflict Man, GradDip Ed, GradCert IT, and B.Bus. She is an accredited conflict coach and a mediator.




  • One 90-minute conflict analysis session
  • Two 60-minute conflict coaching sessions
  • One deep healing process
  • A conflict transformation workbook
  • Conflict resilience resources