Deep Focus

Part 2

When we are busy, it can be easy to loose focus. This week we are going to keep practicing getting into that high performance focused state.

Your personal toolbox

At the workshop, you each created a personal toolbox to help you get focus. These are tasks and approaches that work for you to get more focused. 

To make the most out of list list you might like to:

  • Display a list of your focus tool at your desk.
  • Schedule some in your calendar - make appointments with yourself.
  • Find a focus buddy to help keep this front of mind for you..
Pomadoro Method

A great way to add focus is to use a pomadoro timer. You can use this timer to help you structure your day with highly productive time blocks.

There are also a selection of break options that support you to build your focus.

Getting Centred Experience

What is your perferred way to get focused? Find out by experimenting with these 5 minute meditations. You could try one a day for the next week!

When you find ones that you like, you can download by clicking on the download arrow.

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