Your Elemental Productivity Type - Weave

Your Elemental Productivity Type

Working with the elements is a powerful way to both understand your productivity style and to find ways to enhance your ability to make the most of each moment. 

We live in a world of distractions, busyness, and an endless hunt to do more, be more, create more and achieve more. Learning more about your own style and your own way to approach the doing side of life can be really powerful. Below you can read you on your productivity type, what its strengths and challenges are, and learn some approaches that help this type to be more productive. 

Now while you will have one dominate type, all these elements are at play for all of us. You can use the tips and approaches from all the types to find the most potent approach for you. 

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The Elemental Productivity Types

Air Dancer

Air Dancers are the planner, the thinkers, the visionaries and the creative souls. When you have the Air Dancer with you are quick-witted, fast thinking and have new ideas coming at a mile a minute. It is a very inspiring element to work with when you are visioning and planning.


Quick thinking
Lots of ideas
Great vision
Creative and innovative


Can get lost in ideas
Do more planning than doing
Can lose focus easily

Best productivity Strategies for Air Dancers
  • Get distraction-free - have blocks of time where you turn off the phone, SM, notifications, any visual disturbances. Your mind works too fast to not pick up on them. 
  • Use a Pomodoro method - great for keeping your attention on a task for the 25-minute blocks
  • Use your 5 minute pomadoro breaks to touch base with your body. It can get forgotten when you are lost in your head.
  • Have a notepad nearby to jot down other ideas that fly in, ones that aren’t on task, so they can be dealt with later
  • Intention segments – think about what you want to get done by the end of the Pomodoro or session, visualise it completely, and then get started on the task. You may even want to write it down to refer to if you get lost. 
Earth Holder

Earth Holder

Earth holders are deep thinking and grounded. If this is you, you like well-thought-out action and things to be done well. Sometimes slow get started, once you are focused on a task you keep at it until it is completed. Your ability to stay focused it admired by all


Deep thinking


Changing to new things
Stressed by the need to make quick decisions
Need blocks of time to allow you to go deep

Best productivity Strategies for Earth Holders
  • Planning is key. You don't like to be rushed. Making sure you have the time for everything makes a huge difference. Plan in monthly blocks so that you make sure you get to the core tasks
  • You like to submerge yourself in a task. Allocating big chunks of time on one task or theme can help with that. 
  • Have daily or even weekly themes to work to
  • Work in teams or with accountability to keep things moving along
  • Have creative breaks, draw, dance, write to increase creative and innovative thoughts. 
Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Fire starters are deeply connected to their passion. When you are in fire starter mode, you work hard and fast, burning brightly getting masses of things done quickly. You are fuelled by your passion and what you are driven to do.  Watch out for burnout if you don’t replenish yourself often. 


Fast working
All in


Can burn out easily
More interested in doing than planning
Can become disengaged if worn out or have lost interest

Best productivity Strategies for Fire Starters
  • Keeping your energy up is your number one need. If you are energised, you can't help but be productive
  • Block in high productive times, as distraction-free as you can make them, at your most energised time of the day
  • Use mindfulness and relaxation techniques to engage the parasympathetic system keeping stress levels down
  • Learn your best way at access your flow state. 
  • Balance the brave with the mundane, make sure that you do a bit of both each day
Water Weaver

Water Weaver

Water weavers are the masters of flow. They work best when plans are loose, and there are other people around to collaborate with. They love the feeling of being part of a team and working to rise together. While going with the flow, amazing things get done.


Easy going


Get pulled into other peoples agendas
Can lose direction
Can find working alone difficult or boring

Best productivity Strategies for Weavers
  • Balance collaboration and productive time
  • Structured Co-working. This works great with Pomodoros. Where everyone has their head down working for blocks of time and then can socialise on breaks.
  • Loose big picture planning with lots of room to improvise
  • Start each day by connecting with how you want to feel by the end of the day. 
  • Loving-kindness meditation throughout the day will help to keep you on track.