emPOWERme DETOX - Weave


Detox this month!

It is a health type based detox. The detox is 4 weeks

  • one week of prep
  • 2 weeks of detox
  • one week of maintenance (healthy eating)
Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome to the detox
Unit 2 Zoom call
Unit 3 Getting set up for the Detox
Unit 4 Get your workbook!
Unit 5 Where are you at?
Module 2 Getting ready
Unit 1 Let's get ready
Unit 2 Diplomat preparations
Unit 3 Guardian Preparations
Module 3 Let's Detox, Cleanse and Reset!
Unit 1 Support tool kit
Module 4 Time to Optimise!
Unit 1 TIme to optimise!!
Unit 2 Food by Health Type - Optimise
Trish Everett

Communication ninja, mindset cajoler, peak-performance coach and workplace culture geek, Trish Everett is the director of Weave. It is her personal mission to help 5000 people double their efficacy in the work while helping them to fall more and more in love with their jobs by the end of 2022.