Organisational Communication

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for Team Engagement, Collaboration and high-Performance

Organisational communication is a challenge for many workplaces. Making an impact relies on clear and strategic communication.

Communication Break-Down will erode your culture and your success

90% of organisations that we walk into struggle with communication. 

This can show up by:

Loss of Engagement

And that is the nice way to say it. Loss of engagement is when your people are underperforming, finding work stressful and doing their best not to burn out. This is where your good people leave, feeling a little jaded, and the ones that stay have a 10 pm job search session at least once a week.

Conflict and toxicity

Conflict in your team costs your organisation. Team efficacy drops, and collaboration becomes unbalanced or siloed. Leaders spend their valuable time putting out little fires while team well-being plummets. And communication, while it can be the solution, is often the problem.

Lower Productivity

When communication isn't flowing, neither is productivity. Mistakes happen, and time is lost searching for information or untangling what has occurred due to communication breakdowns.


of employees worldwide are engaged in their job


of employees experience some kind of conflict


Of UK Employees believe they are productive for the full workday

Improving organisational communication can

Keep everyone in the loop - Being included  boosts engagement.

Communicate more of what is needed and less of what isn't while reducing mistakes. 

Heal conflict and build a culture of trust and collaboration.

Get more done in less time with more energy. 

Why work with us

We are serious about improving organisational communication, workplace culture and team wellbeing. As such, we bring a multidisciplinary methodology with a collaborative and inclusive approach to evaluate and improve your communication across all tiers of your organisation. Trish Everett, our director and principal consultant and trainer, will look after your workplace personally. 

Evidence-base and industry developed.

Trish Everett took years of study and research and developed these programs through extensive work within organisations. 

Collaborative and Tailored

There are no out-of-the-box solutions. Every program is tailored to what your organisation needs. And we will collaborate with you to co-create solutions every set of the way.

A complete solution

We use systems thinking approaches to evaluate and improve your organisation's communication in all modes and procedures at every layer. We will find the gaps and help you build the bridges.

Our approach

To create clearer, stronger and high-performing organisational communication, we use our process framework:



Manage Change

Build Capacity

In each step of the process framework, we explore each layer of the Organisation Communication Model.  

Organisation Communication Model

  • Skills - The interpersonal communication skills of your team
  • Streams - Channels of communication through your organisation
  • Systems - How information is shared and conversations hosted 
  • Storage - Where information is stored and accessed

How it works

each step is TAILORED to your organisation


We get clear on what communication is working and what isn't across your organisation. This is done using diagnostic tools, consultation and facilitated discussions. 


We take the findings from the evaluation and co-design an action plan to improve your organisational communication across the four areas.

Manage Change

We are here to support the changes that have been co-designed from consultation to system implementation, from policy development to conflict resolution. We have you covered.

Build Capacity

Whether it is communication skill development, learning how to work with new systems or creating consistent communication practices, we can support your teams capacity building needs. 

Who This is For

government organisations, 

NGOs and Not for profits. 

We believe in the work that you do. We want to support you to have a stronger team so you can make a bigger difference.


Schools and education providers

As Trish was a school principal, she deeply understood communication within schools. When working with schools, we also look at communication streams with students and parents.

martumilli team

Aboriginal and remote Organisations

As a Palawa woman, Trish is passionate about supporting better outcomes for Aboriginal Australia, and that starts with stronger, more collaborative teams.

Other Organisations

If you are committed to improving the wellbeing of your teams, we are committed to helping you improve your communication.

step by step

See How You Can improve communication

They Say

Incredibly insightful 

This series has been amazing. It has been incredibly insightful and very beneficial to me, both personally and professionally. 

Gemimia Weiler - Managing Director

Inspiring and useful to gain insight into the team

I enjoyed learning new ways to work within the team, finding out the needs of others and naming my own needs. My biggest insight was gaining tools that are practical to implement in the team.

Anna- Field Co-ordinator

Effective communication and team building

Loved learning more about effective communication and team building.  My biggest insight was how to understand my experience so I can grow and effectively regulate my emotions. 

Adelane hawkins -
Youth Engagement Officer


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