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Spring Planner

This 7 page planner will take you from the 7th of August until the 7th of November to coincide with the spring season of the Southern Hemisphere.

This 7 page guide includes:

  • Visioning Page
  • Strategy Map
  • Overview planning spreads for the 13 weeks
  • 2 August weekly spread options
  • One use when you wish weekly spread

Past pages:

April -May Content Planner

Content Plan

Plan the next four weeks of content.

With this one-page spread, you can map out your topics, brainstorm some content ideas, outline your high-level content such as videos, articles or podcasts, and then map out the posts for social media and newsletters.
Finally, you can map them out on a 4-week calendar. 

April School Holiday Plan

School Holiday Plan

Plan out your holidays so everyone gets what they need. 

There is space to brainstorm things for your kids, for yourself and for work tasks. 

Then you can map them out up the top to make sure everyone gets what they need. 

April Calendar with Moons

This is a one-sheet spread to set you up for April. It has the calendar and the moons

April - July Planner with Moons


This is a one-sheet planner page from April to July. It has a calendar and the moon cycle and space to plan. 

March 21 - May 4th

This is a planner to get you started for the equinox to the cross-quarter, (Mabon to Samhain in the southern hemisphere). There is space to map out what you want to see happen over the next 7 weeks.

Just click the link to download the planner - page one is for you. You can see what the moon is doing, map out your predicted cycle with the moons, keep track of important days, divine the theme or focus and create a holistic vision.

Page two has some instructional notes to help you use the vision planner.

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