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Recovery​ and Resilience

3 Workshop Series for the Phoenix Program

After a summer of fires in the Bega Valley, the Bega Valley Innovation Hub in partnership with the Bega Shire Council have put together a program to support local businesses. This program, called Phoenix, includes many workshops, mentoring and coaching opportunities all designed to help our community to move forward after the bushfires.  


These workshops are all being offered to people in our community free of charge. To check out the full workshop range head to the Bega Valley Innovation Hub's events page.


At Weave, we are thrilled to be offering a workshop series as part of the Innovation hub's Phoenix program. This series is designed to help you, your team and your clients/customers to heal, to grow, and to build a strong foundation for moving forward.

The 3 workshops, that can be taken as a series or as one-off's, each gives you the practices and skills to move forward both emotionally and mentally. They will contain both elements of healing as well as practical steps to build this next stage of life and business.

And each workshop has two follow-up group coaching sessions so you can really get what you need from the series. 

Workshop Outlines


Workshop 1 - Building the Skills of Resilience

Build your access to resilience states so you can face all that comes next while developing a stronger growth mindset, which will help you to navigate the possibilities. We will look at where your strengths lie, what your personal resilience toolkit is and how to heal the trauma, grief and/or overwhelm left over from the fire season. 

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Feel more overwhelmed than usual and/or work with people who are frazzle or stress
  • Want to build a stronger foundation to deal with stress and adversity
  • Have experienced trauma or helping others through trauma

You will leave this workshop thinking ‘I know where my strength lies and how I can assess it’


Workshop 2 -Developing Communication Skills That Heal

In this workshop, you will build the skills to both be supported and support others to work through the disaster that has taken place. You will learn, practice and experience a supportive communication framework that enables you to have conversations that support and heal without wearing you out in the process. 

This workshop will cover:

  • How to create conversational environments of trust, 
  • How to work through or support others to work through big emotions
  • How to find your voice when conversations get hard

It is all about building the skills of support and be supported through conversation, essential to the healing process.

You will leave this workshop thinking ‘I can connect with and support myself and others to heal and move forward"


Workshop 3 - Where Healing Meets Vision

Everything has changed. Whether subtly or in really big ways, we move forward as a community from a very different place. A place that loss and grief play a part.

When things change, revisiting your vision is an important step. How has what happened flavour what comes next? Where are the opportunities that lie ahead now that weren’t there before? 

In this workshop, we will revisit your vision, give it the space to expand and you will design a plan for what comes next. 

This workshop will cover:

  • How to create a vision that has your heart singing
  • Aligning your values, virtues and vision
  • Designed a plan to move forward

It is the perfect time to renew your energy for what comes next

You will leave this workshop thinking I know where I am going and how I can get there’

Tuesday March 3rd  - 1:00 Pm - 4:00 Pm
Tuesday March 17th  - 1:00 Pm - 4:00 Pm
Tuesday March 31st  - 1:00 Pm - 4:00 Pm

Bega Valley Innovation Hub - Education And Co-Work Space, Suite 5 A & B, Sapphire Marketplace Centre Office Suites, 106 Auckland St, Bega. Enter Opposite Mitre 10.


Meet your trainer

This workshop will be facilitated by mindset and communication specialist Trish Everett. Over the last 19 years, Trish has been helping people to get more connected, step into bravery and stand up as the authentic magnificence that they. Known for offering profound insights, Trish delivers simple and easy to digest approaches that have helped hundreds of people connect more powerfully and bravely to create positive change. 

It is her greatest joy to see people build the skills that allow them to connect in a more profound and meaningful way.

Trish Everett

Want this program for your team?

If you love the sound of this program and would love to offer it to your team, on-site, and at times that work for you, then let's chat. I am offering a big discount to fire-affected communities for this program. So if you want to support your team to stand strong in 2020, book a call to chat today.