Day four - let's keep going

Today we are looking at accessing your team's potential

Today you will build your capacity to tap into the potential of your team. This powerful communication skill will change the way that you talk to your team

Here is your short video to watch

Background music - "Mining by Moonlight" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Now it is time to put it into practice

Questions are key in learning about what is happening for each of your team members. We want to harness the power of the way you use questions so it is leading you towards potential. 

Here are the key points to remember throughout the day - 


With each question, use a mindset of curiosity. Really want to find out what your team thinks.


Use open ended questions instead of closed questions.

How, What, When and Where. 


Ask these questions with a belief that your team has some gold to share. Really believe in their potential.

Enjoy the focus today - see you in your inbox tomorrow


Access Potential


Bring your Best