Team Experience 

Comprehensive Assessment 


Get key insights Into your team's Experience

And Set up a Highly Functioning team

The last three years have been a ride. Stress levels have been pushed, decision fatigue is running rampant, and people see work and how to be in it a little differently now.

It is time to check in with your people. 

But is something stopping you?

When my clients talk to me about needing to check in with their team, these are the big three things that are getting in their way: 

Not sure of the best way?


Many managers want to do right by their team and aren't sure about the best way to get the feedback that will support them in understanding their team's experience.

They don't want to get it wrong or open a can of worms that is currently firmly closed.

Don't have the time?


Leading a team is a big job, especially with all that is happening now.

Finding the time to explore your team's experience can be a challenge. 

Not sure what to do with the data?


One of the big frustrations that team members express is that nothing happens after data has been collected, leaving them to feel like it is a waste of time.

They don't want to do another survey that goes nowhere. 

What if you could?


Get Insights 


You know your team. Get a range of survey options that you can choose from to best suit the needs of your team.




With so much to do, getting the insights you need to build a highly functioning team without the hours it takes can be a game-changer.


create Team informed


Once you have the data, having a report and an action plan to move forward is part of a fully functioning feedback loop.

Kristy empowerme testimonial

"Really loved it."

I learned a whole lot more about a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. We then had a tailored approach to our strengths and how that fits best in a daily schedule.

Kristi Sproates (Developmental Educator)

Kristi Sproates


Join me to connect with your people and

build the workplace you want.

What The Team Experience Package
Does For You:


Open up honest communication

Set up the process to get real insights, not just lip service or venting. Use a process that gives you insights and builds trust and rapport at the same time.


Raise The Bar On Employee Experience Data 

Get the information to gain accurate insights into how your people experience the workplace. Having a survey adjusted to your workplace's unique structure means that data is much more meaningful.

A detailed report examining the story behind the data creates a powerful catalyst for positive change.


Co-create a team-informed action plan

With critical insights about your team's experience, you will work with an expert coach to create a plan for meaningful change.

Don't let the data sit there; use it to build a more highly functioning team. A team that will power up the impact that your organisation can make.

Great teams

"My key takeaways were understanding my motivations for doing my job, looking at how I schedule my work and how I could do my job better while reducing the stress."

- Christina Hardie (Executive Support Officer)


What is included:

The Team Experience Package


circle of safety

A Facilitation Guide for Warm-Up Meetings

Get a customisable guide to help you get the conversation started, promote candid responses and increase trust in the process. 

Team Flow

Comprehensive Employee Experience Survey

Receive a customised survey that you can share with your team. The answers collected will give you insights that will support you in nurturing your team further.

creative teams

Detailed report and slide deck

Get deeper insights from the data with a detailed report of your team's experience. 

You will receive a tailored slide deck of the findings to share with your team.

powerful leadership

Coaching session and action Plan

A 90-minute coaching session will support you in looking at the survey's findings and creating an action plan for improving team engagement and performance.


Team Experience Package Overview

The Team Experience Package Includes



  • Team facilitation pack - includes overview, templates and worksheets
  • Online, tailored employee experience survey for your team
  • A guide to sharing the survey that will make the process quick and easy
  • A 20-page report detailing the findings
  • 90-minute coaching session to analyse results and co-create a plan

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