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Workplace Culture Matters & Here’s The Reasons Why

Your business is full of people. People who have their things to do, things to think about and task to complete. But there is more going on than that. They all have their internal worlds happening, their patterns and ways of working with others as well as their dreams, goals and motivations at play. It is kind of mind-blowing. Imagine your workplace with that in mind of a moment. What a melting pot of possibilities.

As you well know, your organisation’s success is tied to many things. From business strategy to finance, from products to marketing, from customer service to your systems. The list goes on. And what underpins all of them is your team. How well your team can make all this happen has a lot to do with your success.

Let’s zoom out and look at your workplace culture

Workplace culture matters
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I would like you to imagine something for me. Imagine all the people in your organisation as vases, empty vases of all different shapes and sizes. Now imagine that they come into the workplace each day with a store of creative and productive energy in their vase. As they go through their day, are their interactions with their peers filling their vase or depleting it? How about when they are dealing with their managers? And when managers are working with their teams? What is happening to the levels of productive and creative energy?

Is the quality of your workplace culture eroding your team’s capabilities?

Next, I would like you to think about what depletes your vase. How does the pace of your day, stress, dealing with conflicts, making decisions and working with others affect your productive energy levels? And what are the things that give it a boost? What gives you boundless energy for creating and getting things done?

Now I will ask just one more mind expansion thought. Imagine the difference it would make if your workplace culture was continually filling up your team’s vases as the day went on? What would it be like if your whole team left work with more creative and productive energy than when they came in in the morning? Just imagine. And please, share what you come up with in the comments. I would love to read them. 

Workplace culture matters.

Workplace culture matters. I believe that it matters more than we even fully understand. And it can start with you, right now, allowing yourself to imagine how it could be better and let your actions follow that vision. 

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