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The Leadership Edge Podcast

Join Trish Everett as she goes on a search to understand what goes into making a great and inspiring leader.

Through interviews with great leaders and leadership experts, she will seek out the secret spice mix that sets some leaders apart. In the follow up show, she wil unpack concepts and coach you through using these concpets in your own life.

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11. Self-Understanding in Leadership

To be about to lead others effectively, first, we must understand ourselves. In this episode of The Leadership Edge, I talk with Geoff Price. Geoff is the founding CEO, and designer of Worksmart8, online leadership development software that propels leaders, teams and organisations through change. He shares with us how leaders can build a greater understanding of themselves to enhance their leadership abilities. We talk about how from a place of self-awareness and mastery, leaders can create workplace the promote trust and environments that operate with contrastive and creative conflict where the process builds workplace relationships.

10. Appreciation in Leadership

Getting your team to feel valued, motivated and part of a forward movement can be enhanced with appreciation. In the last episode of The Leadership Edge, I spoke with Natasha Hawker and she highlighted the role that praise, reward and appreciation can play in leadership. This week we dive deeper into this idea and break down how appreciation works and how to do it effectively.

9. A HR Perspective on Leadership

Want a HR perspective on leadership? The week on The Leadership Edge I talk with Natasha Hawker. Natasha is an expert in employment relations, recruitment, performance management, terminations and mediation. In the episode, we go on a wonderful journey into the good, bad and down right ugly when it comes to leadership. She shares both the stand out qualities of inspiring leaders and places where leaders can really fall down. On top of that, Natasha shares really practical ways that leaders can create more team engagement right now.

8. Whole Organisation Empathy

This week on The Leadership Edge I will be talking to you about empathy. We will look at what empathy is, what is can do for your organisation and how you can use it across all of your business relationships, from your team to you stakeholder, from your suppliers to your customers. I mention Brené Brown's animation in the episode. You can access it here

7. Insights from Leading Bega Cheese

In this episode I talk with Aiden Coleman, the former CEO of Bega Cheese, an iconic Australian brand, as he shares his insights on leadership. We talk about the role of vision and empathy aswell as strategy. He talks about changes in the dairy industry, the acquisition of Vegemite, and the different aspects that leaders need. This interesting episode covers a lot of ground.

6. Two Way Leadership

In this episode we continue on from the idea of feminine leadership that we spoke about with Saule Atantay last week. 

This week, together we will look at the two way road of leadership - both the push and the pull skills. together we will build an understanding of how they play out in your leadership style.

5. Balancing Masculine and Feminine Leadership

In this episode we talk with Saule Atantay about the masculine and feminine sides of leadership. We look at what they are and how to balance them.

Saule helps women entrepreneurs lead and grow in the paradigm of Feminine Leadership. 

4. A Culture of Authenticity

Have you ever wondered what a culture of Authenticity looks like?Or have you wondered how you become more authenic?

We follow on from last week's episode with Muneesh Wadhwa and explore the skill set the builds your capacity to be authentic and the skills that support such a culture to evolve.

3. Purpose in Leadership

Muneesh Wadhwa is passionate about changing the perception of the purpose of business leadership. He believes that the only thing that is stopping businesses from becoming sustainable is lack of employee engagement.

Join in on our conversation as we talk about:
The role of leadership
Stepping into vulnerability and building a culture of authenticity
Creating a meaningful purpose
Building a team engagement through purpose

2. The Power of Choice

In this solo show, lets explore the power of choice. 

We follow on from last week's episode with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz and Josie Thomson we unpack these three concepts. 

Choice, Mindfulness and the Wise Advocate.

1. The Neuroscience of Leadership

What makes a leader wise? That is the question that I explored in my interview with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz and Josie Thomson today.

In this interview we looked at what leadership is and how using mindfulness to access the wise advocate can give leaders an awareness of their own mental action and build an understanding of their own inner process. This understanding allows them to better know the people that they are leading and how to lead them forward. How to lead using the understanding of how we think.

Through the interview, they talk about two approaches to using the mind in leadership. The low road and the high road. We look at how each of these ways of thinking work and how you can make a choice to have control over the way you think and act.

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