Pomadoro Timer
with Well-Being Breaks 

This page gives you a pomadoro timer and a choice of nourish breaks

The timer help you to keep on track and get things done and the nourish breaks give activities for your mind, body and soul to make sure that you are looking after yourself as the day goes by.


 Productivity Timer

Pick a Time, Set a Goal and Click Work

Use the arrows on the timer below to adjust your work time.

25 : 00

The pomadoro method suggests doing a 25min work period with a 5 min break, you do this 3 times then have a longer 10 minute break between cycles. 25, 5, 25, 5, 25, 10 repeat. 


You can stick to that if that works for you. If that feels too long on a certain day do 20min blocks or 15 minute ones. Or maybe somedays you need a whole 60mins to start the day. Find what is going to best support you on a given day.

**NOT MOTIVATED??? Start with 15 minutes and build up to more time through the day. 

 Guided Five Minute Breaks

The most important part of this method is the break. The following are meditations, exercises and tasks that you can do for your 5 minute break.

Great teams

Choose one and click play to get started


A promoted journaling activity perfect for connecting with you why.

Boundaries Mediation

Need to firm up your boundaries? This 5 minute meditation will guide you.

Body Awareness Meditation

A great meditation to get back into your body and out of your head. 

Dance Break to Speak Up

Want a guided dance break? Dance with me as I guide you through speaking up.

My Why - A Writing Exercise

A promoted journaling activity perfect for connecting with you why.

Beyond Fear Meditation

Feeling afraid to speak up. Have a go at this 5 minute meditation to move beyond that fear.

Finding your Centre Meditations

Each of these 5 minutes meditations explore different ways to find your centre. Try them out and find the ones that work for you. 







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