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emPOWERme courseWe all want to be awesome and we all want to be healthy.

We go through life trying to figure out what that means for us. How do we reach that lush place of health when we are all different and our healthy life choices are all different?
In this six week you will find out what you biology is telling you about how you can optimise your health, happiness and your awesome factor. It is going to be a ride.
You will get an epigentic personal health assessment done, get a year's access to both this course and and you extensive epigentic profile, monthly profile updates as well as a virtual coach.
Plus a monthly drop in group coaching sessions.
Sign on up and come and grow an understanding of your health that you have dreamed of.

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Module 1 What is emPOWERme
Unit 1 Welcome to emPOWERme  
Unit 2 Getting set up  
Module 2 Health and Epigenetics
Unit 1 What is this all about?  
Unit 2 Download your workbook  
Module 3 Nourish Me
Unit 1 The what and when of food  
Unit 2 Food by Health Type  
Module 3 Nourish Me copy
Unit 0 The what and when of food  
Unit 0 Food by Health Type  
Module 4 Move and groove
Unit 1 Move and groove with your profile  
Unit 2 Move and Groove by health type  
Module 5 Think and Grow
Unit 1 Think and Grow Overview  
Unit 2 Think and grow by health type  
Module 6 My Space, My Place
Unit 1 My place, my space by health type  
Module 7 Connect My Way
Unit 1 Connect my way  
Module 8 Passion, purpose, power
Unit 1 Passion, Purpose, Power  
Trish Everett

Communication ninja, mindset cajoler, peak-performance coach and workplace culture geek, Trish Everett is the director of Weave. It is her personal mission to help 5000 people double their efficacy in the work while helping them to fall more and more in love with their jobs by the end of 2022.