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Strong Teachers 

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Professional Development

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Working in Remote & Rural Schools
can Be A Hard Gig

You want to thrive as a teacher, to bring the best out of your students and set them up for what will come in their lives. You want to inspire them and see them do great things.

Yet you have a lot on your plate, and one of the hardest parts of your role is to balance all of it, the teaching, the planning, the community as well as the more tricky emotional and psychological things that you hold for others. 

Are you looking for a way to be supported in building your own capacity to thrive in your teaching, in your personal growth and in living in remote places?

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.”      

Maya Angelou

Take the first step today to give yourself the skills to build resilience, improve teacher efficacy and get the support to really thrive. This Strong Teacher, Strong School Program is designed to improve your wellness, your communication skills and your coping skills that will improve your experience of teaching in remote schools.

With the Strong Teacher, Strong School Program,  you'll get the following benefits:


More Effective Teaching

The skills you will learn, develop and practice over the year are key in building teacher efficacy. Especially useful in more challenging teaching situations.  

Improved Joy & Engagement

When things get tough, it is hard to stay engaged. This program is designed to increase the joy and engagement you experience as a teacher 


Upskilled and Connected

Not only will you upskill your mindset, communication and connection skills, you will also have access to a supportive coaching group to work through any issues.

natasha berta

"Really loved it."

"I just attended Weave's workshop today and really loved it. Trish’s storytelling and gentle, connected guidance was so beautiful."

- Natasha Berta (Marketing Consultant)


Ready To Upskill your Teaching?

"You hold endless potential."

Let's work together to give you the extra skills you need to bring out the potential of each and every student in your class. 

School Resilience Model

Remote School Resilience Model

Building teachers resilience and their ability to thrive needs different skills in different aspects of teaching. 

This remote school resilience model takes teachers into the skills that they need to thrive in all areas of teaching remotely. Whether it is their first teaching job, the first time being remote or long time teachers who have lost their passion or feel burnt out by everything that goes on. This model is designed to help them to thrive.


What the Strong Teacher, Strong School Program
Does for You:


 Resilience and Communication Skill Development

Through five training sessions throughout the term, you will learn and practice both essential and advanced resilience and communication skills. These trainings will support you and your team to build wellbeing and teaching efficacy along with developing a skillset to build trust and rapport, mediate conflict, promote creativity and problem solving and create an active feedback loop throughout your class and school.

These trainings take place live, online, and are available to all school staff, even if only one member of your team enrols.

Workplace growth

Group Coaching

Learning new skills is wonderful, but the real change happens when they are practised and integrated into everyday life. These take place with regular online group coaching sessions.

These sessions are also an opportunity to work through any challenges that have arisen in a safe environment.

  • On-going small group coaching sessions (no more than 5 per group)
  • Question and discussion time to look at real-life scenarios.

Build skills today and every day moving forward

With access to an online learning library,  you will have access to a library of tools, meditations and other resources to help continue to build your skills.

You will have lifetime access to this library.

What is included:

The Strong Teacher, Strong School Program includes:

circle of safety

5 x  Skill Development Workshops - Whole School Access

These five online workshops, for your whole school, will give your team the mindset, communication and interpersonal skills to support everyone to reach their teaching potential. 

creative teams

5 x Group Coaching sessions -
Signed up Teachers Access

 Practice brings mastery. Each workshop will be followed by a group coaching session. There will be an opportunity to practice and discuss the skills as well as be coached through any challenges

Team Flow

Lifetime access to resource library - Signed Up Teachers Access

For the lifetime of the library, you will have access to the tools, meditations and other resources created to support you to continue to grow.

Team Flow

Personalised Resilience assessment - one year personalised health Program

An epigenetic assessment that looks at the gene expression of each teacher to design a truely personalised resilience prorgam

"Call forth momentum and motivation."

Take your teaching to a new level of efficacy and enjoyment today.


Price for 2nd and each consecutive teacher from your school




  • Whole school live access to all 5 online trainings  
  • Access to the workshop recordings.
  • 5 x small group-coaching session for teacher
  • Lifetime access to the resource library
  • Bespoke resources created based on teachers needs
  • Personalised health and resilience assessment with one year access to a personalised health program

Price for School Principal




  • Whole school live access to all 5 online trainings  
  • Access to the workshop recordings. 
  • 3 x one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to the resource library
  • Personalised health and resilience assessment with one year access to a personalised health program

This is available for principals of schools that have at least one teacher in the program. Click the book a call button below if you would like to participate in the program without any teaching staff. 


Or if you would like to have a chat about the program and see if it is a fit for your team, click below to book a


This pricing is for Term 3, 2022. This is the first time we are running this program; we are running it at below cost price. We will be asking all participants for feedback at the end of the term.


We have done our best to make this pricing clear but it still feels like it could be a little confusing. Let us give you a few examples.

Example one - A remote desert school has a team of five teachers and one principal. Two teachers want to do the program. 
The price will be $860 +$660 = $1520
For this price, all six staff members will have access to the live online trainings (and the workshop recordings) and the two teachers that joined will have the group coaching sessions and access to the resource library.

Example two - A remote coastal school has a team of eight teachers and one principal. Three teachers and the principal want to do the program.
The price will be $860 +3($660) + $850 = $3,690
For this price, all nine staff members will have access to the live online trainings (and the workshop recordings) and the three teachers that joined will have the group coaching sessions and access to the resource library, while the principal will have 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.


Meet your trainer

Trish Everett is a highly skilled coaching communication specialist. She has been teaching these skills at RMIT Uni for the last eight years and seen hundreds of people build more trust and rapport into conversations that bring about powerful change. She has also worked as a teacher and a school principal in a remote aboriginal school. 

It is her greatest joy to see people build the skills that allow them to connect in a more profound and meaningful way.

Trish Everett
Great teams

Not sure if this is the right fit for your school?


At Weave, we know that your time is already stretched. The thought of doing another thing, another training, another program, can feel like a really big thing to take on. We understand that. 

That is why we have designed this program from evidence-based research in coaching psychology, wellness and behaviour change. We  make sure that the learning we share has a solid foundation.

It is also why we include the groups coaching sessions. We have all had the experience of receiving fantastic training, but when it is over, and we get back into work again, the learning slips away day-by-day. We want to support you to make sure that doesn't happen this time. 

We make the best use of the time we have together with you. 

We also know that your training budget has to go a long way. You don't want to be wasting a cent. While so far on this page, we have talked about the benefits to your team and the people you serve. There is also a financial solution offered by this work. 

This work reduces absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover in organisations. These issues are costing Australian businesses $87 billion a year. This program offers a real solution to reducing these costs in your organisation. 

Still not sure - book a chat and let's see if it is a fit for your team


Strong Teacher, Strong School Program Overview

  • 5 x 1 hour online training sessions
    5 x 1 hour online group coaching sessions
  • Lifetime Resources Access
  • Epigenetic Profile and one year of access to Shae Wellness.
Runs for One Term

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