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Are you ready to build a team that can fly together to take your organisation to new heights?
And as a leader, are you ready to sour higher than ever before?

At WEAVE, we are on a mission. We want to support 5000 employees to double their efficacy and fall more in love with their work by the end of 2022.

If you would like your team to be part of that, here are the ways we can work together to make that happen.

How we work

Through our model - The Inner Leader Wheel - we support both teams and leaders to develop both the inner and outer skills, mindsets, emotional intelligence, and big picture systems thinking approaches.

This allows teams to have a supported system around them to create high performance working environments.

We only work with organisations and leaders who are committed to the process of building whole team inner leadership.

If this is you, then there are two ways to work with us. With just your leaders, or with your whole team.

We specialise in working with cross-cultural teams in remote communities. Using trauma informed practices, we support your team to move from burnout and conflict and into team flow and high performance.

moving team conflict to flow
Leaders for conflict to flow

For Teams and Workplaces

All the members of your team hold the unlimited potential of your organisation.

By supporting each member of your team to access and build their own inner leadership, you are growing your potential.

Add to that the magic that comes from building team flow, your organisation will become unstoppable.

A Range of Solutions

If you are looking for a small program to build on your teams' skills or solve a specific problem you want to solve, then a short term program might be what you are looking for. We run the following programs:


Stone and Feather Resilience Program

Building team resilience - A unique learning experience that builds both individual's resilience and the support structures in the team. Find out more here

Productivity Prowess Program

Improving whole team productivity - Learn how each team member interacts with being productive, skill the whole team up to access flow states and be supported to have an extremely productive month. Find out more here

martumilli team

Team Harmony Program

This is for your team is there is a high level of conflict or underlying conflict that is effected that day-to-day. We build the communication skills to work through conflict then go through a resolution process to heal past hurts and find a common ground to move forward. Find out more here

Communication Skills Program

Feel like your team isn't communicating and connecting well, then this workshop for you. We build from basic to more complex interpersonal skills to give your team the ability to communicate more effectively.


Need the whole package?


If you want to take on employee-experience in a powerful way, then the Strong Package is for you.

The program will take your team from stress and disharmony to peak performance and team flow over 12-months. 


Each package is customised to fit the teams. Packages include:

  • Workshops
    Between session integration tasks and support
  • Before and After Assessments
  • One-on-one and/or group coaching

Book a call to see what the best fit is for your organisation

For Leaders and Manegers

Without leaders who are at the top of their game, your workplace culture will sag, your teams will suffer and your level of success will drop.

And for leaders, without the support, they face higher stress levels and every day adding the fire that will lead to burnout.

Instead, by supporting leaders to develop their inner leadership you will see more access to peak-performance states, a stronger ability to motivate teams and a stronger commitment to excellence.

The Lead Well Program

This is a leadership program that is based on a leaders unique biology. Leaders will learn how to lead in a way that fits their strengths, reduces their stress and enhances their productivity. Find out more here

Coaching for Leaders Program

Give your leaders high-level coaching skills- You leaders will learn the skills to engage and empower their team to make positive change, handle conflict and improve everyones employee experience. Find out more here


Leadership Alchemy Package

Through coaching and somatic and therapeutic approaches, you will be connected with your own inner leader, learn your own leadership style and be supported to work from that place in your team.

This package will lead you into your peak-performance zone.


Each package is customised to fit the Individual or Leadership teams. Packages include:

  • One-on-one sessions
    Between session integration tasks and support
  • Before and After Assessments
Leadership alchemy coaching

Inner Leadership unearthing Session

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